Giessbach is not only a scenic and architectural jewel; it is a place of strength. It is a place we can leave everyday life behind us, breathe easily and recharge our batteries. The Giessbach Foundation thus holds a unique vision for the future.

The entire historical complex is a thing of living beauty, with its proud Grandhotel, beautiful old Kurhaus, gardens, terraces and idyllic natural park with its world-famous, fourteen-tier waterfall. Our aim is to preserve and maintain this jewel for future generations. And, just as a flower unfurls its petals, we would love to see it open up and become ever more beautiful, charming and strong. The gem that was the Giessbach at the height of its fame in the early 20th century should be preserved in its historical glory over the next few years. This is our vision for Giessbach.

We would like the whole estate to be car free; Giessbach should be an oasis of peace. This also forms part of our mid-term goal to allow hotel and restaurant guests, families with children and dogs, hikers and the forest animals themselves to experience the self-contained world of Giessbach undisturbed and to claim it as their own.

For this reason we're looking for a way so that all cars can be parked on the upper parking. This would enable us to integrate the area between the Kurhaus and hotel into the park landscape and thus reproduce the original conditions of the Giessbach. Also on the agenda is a plan to restore the “Münchner Bierhalle”, a charming little beer hall dating back to the turn of the 20th century – something that was attempted in the 1940s but then aborted. And there is also something in the pipeline for our younger guests – a new playground.

It is up to us to safeguard and protect this living fairy tale – so please help us preserve the Giessbach for future generations! We are most grateful for your donations!