Planned projects

In addition to looking after the uniquely healing landscape and carrying out the regular maintenance work, there are also a number of medium and long-term tasks at hand:

  • Giessbach as it was way back then:
    We would dearly love the estate to radiate the same unique splendour it did 100 or so years ago. Within the parameters of what is reasonable, the Giessbach Foundation wishes to restore, renovate and refurbish the structure, facilities and surrounding area on an on-going basis.

  • Water supply:
    The Grandhotel has a single source located between Giessbach and Iseltwald, which has been used for over 100 years. However, it is now running dry. In order to continue supplying water, various solutions are being examined. These include establishing a connection to the Brienz water network or using water direct from Lake Brienz.

  • Lighting up the Falls:
    Illuminating the Giessbach Falls has enjoyed a long tradition. Back in the 19th century, each tier of the waterfall was lit up resplendently – making it look like flames. Initially, simple wooden sticks were used – so-called “Wedelen” – but were later replaced by Bengali torches. This tradition has carried on to date with an annual event celebrating this magic of fire. The existing lighting, however, requires restoration.