History: 1873 to present

History: 1873 to present
1873/74 The Grandhotel Giessbach is built by French architect Horace Edouard Davinet, who is commissioned by the Hausers, a family of hoteliers from Zurich
1875 Opening ceremony of the Grandhotel, which quickly becomes a popular travel and holiday destination for the aristocracy, the wealthy and the famous from all over the world
1879 Hotel’s private funicular opens
1883 The upper floors are destroyed by a huge fire
  The hotel is immediately rebuilt with pointed towers and an altered roof design. A smaller hotel for the guests’ servants is also built where the forest park is today
1885 Construction of a spa/hydrotherapy facility
1914 Sale of the Giessbach complex; it changes hands several times
1914 – 1946 Time of crisis during, between and after the World Wars
1947 The Giessbach estate is purchased by Bürgenstock owner Fritz Frey-Fürst
1949 Hotel reopens after full renovation
1950 The governing council of the canton of Bern places the Giessbach land and estate under a conservation order
1953 Fritz Frey-Fürst dies and his son and brother take over
  A general partnership is founded and a generating station built on the lake shore
1978 Threatened with destruction
  Plans underway for the demolition of the Grandhotel and construction of a “jumbo chalet”
1979 A work group to save the Giessbach estate is formed, headed by former president of the Bernese council, Rudolf von Fischer
1982 Franz Weber steps in with his environmental organisation Helvetia Nostra
1983 The “Giessbach for the Swiss People” Foundation is established by Franz Weber
  The estate is purchased by the Foundation with support from the canton of Bern and the Brienz community, after a national fundraising campaign
  Start of renovation works
1984 Foundation of the public limited company Parkhotel Giessbach AG
  The Grandhotel is reopened
  Gradual renovation and restoration over the next few years
2002 Opening of the gourmet restaurant “Chez Florent” (today “Le Tapis Rouge”)
2004 Awarded “Historic Hotel of the Year” by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
  Huge anniversary party: 20 years since the reopening and the 125th jubilee of the Giessbach funicular railway