The Giessbach Foundation

“Giessbach for the Swiss People” is truly “a project the like of which has never been seen before” – an unparalleled collective achievement. Tens of thousands heeded Franz Weber’s call in the 1980s and together worked hard to protect and maintain the unique Giessbach estate.

Franz Weber created the non profit Giessbach Foundation in 1983 to save the historic belle époque Grandhotel from demolition and preserve this beautiful piece of shared heritage for the Swiss people, both now and in the future. Thanks to Franz Weber and his remarkable fundraising activities, the support of the canton of Bern and the Brienz community, the Foundation was able to purchase the site and safeguard it for posterity.

After purchasing the Giessbach estate, Franz Weber founded the Parkhotel Giessbach AG, an independent and self-supporting business responsible for running the Grandhotel and the remaining facilities. The Parkhotel Giessbach AG has always been in the black: it is involved in financing its own renovation costs and pays rent to the Giessbach Foundation.

The function of the Giessbach Foundation is to preserve this treasure of the golden age in all its historical glory for future generations – a task it is only able to accomplish thanks to donations from a number of friends of the Giessbach. For, as one can imagine, the entire Giessbach ensemble with its world-famous waterfalls, enchanting Grandhotel, landing pier, nostalgic and historic funicular and 22 hectares of glorious life-affirming parkland is in constant need of care and renewal. Giessbach should continue to grow in splendour as a living, breathing whole and should be open to all lovers of nature and beauty as a fountain of youth and a “place of joy and peace”.

It is up to us to preserve this living fairy tale! Please help us! In order to preserve this jewel of the belle époque for future generations, the Giessbach for the Swiss People Foundation needs your help. Please support the Foundation with a donation. Visit the Giessbach and experience the unforgettable Giessbach atmosphere, experience the bliss of this healing world set high above the turquoise lake amid the mountain forests.