Current projects

The Giessbach for the Swiss People Foundation owns 22 hectares of garden and parkland. It looks after this uniquely uplifting landscape and ensures the safety and happiness of numerous visitors thanks to regular maintenance work.

In addition to on-going maintenance work, there are also some big jobs to be done:

  • Given that only minor maintenance work has been carried out on the shell of the building over the last few years, a comprehensive renovation is now pressing. The longer the wait, the more costly and time-consuming the work will be. The first stage on the west façade facing the lake has therefore been achieved during the winter of 2011. A second phase intends to restore the side facing the waterfalls.
  • All 70 rooms also require a thorough renovation. Carpets and rugs must be replaced and the bathrooms refurbished.
  • It is also essential to stabilise the Grandhotel’s interior stairs (built in 1884), which are used by the staff as an escape route. Dry rot has affected the stairs’ structural integrity and thus also the safety of the staff in an emergency.

To maintain the many kilometres of romantic paths and trails, picnic spots and family barbecue sites, quiet benches and viewing terraces, the large expanses of forest, and to maintain and secure the bridges (to name but a few jobs) all costs a lot of money. The Foundation, which pays for this, urgently relies on donations. So if you love the Giessbach, please help to protect the Giessbach for us and for future generations.